Safety, Health & Environment

Make time-consuming and unclear SHE incident reporting a thing of the past with ERPaaS' Intelligent SHE service.

Intelligent SHE

Can your employees immediately notify your organisation of an accident or a potential incident? Are your managers instantly informed when one of their employees has been involved in an accident? Can your employees log an incident with photographic evidence that will be dealt with automatically, ensuring that all organisation policies are respected?

ERPaaS' Intelligent SHE service provides a simple-to-use, self-service method of capturing accident information that uses the functionality of your own smartphone, tablet or desktop. This provides a user-friendly experience, tailored to the person (staff member or not), ensuring that the information passed to the core HR function is accurate, complete and instantaneous.

Huge time reductions in the typical SHE incident process, delivering a positive return on investment in weeks.