Are Robots the Answer?

A Comparison between ERPaaS Cognitive Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is rapidly becoming a hot topic. With workloads and employee costs on the rise, the drive to find more cost-effective ways of working is stronger than ever. It’s not a surprise, then, that RPA is so popular; features such as automation, error reduction, rapid ROI and quick turnaround times are all part and parcel of the RPA solution, and they’re highly sought after by organisations of all kinds.

The ERPaaS platform has these features in common with RPA so, of course, we are often asked whether they are one and the same.

The short answer is no, and here’s why.

ERPaaS Intelligent Platform — Service Description

Service available via the UK Government's Digital Marketplace as part of the G‑Cloud 9 framework

The ERPaaS Intelligent Service enables you to deploy SaaS applications that link organisational policies to transactional systems in HR, Payroll, Finance and Procurement. We automate policies, delivering compliant self-service applications to any device. A highly intuitive and easy to use interface levers your existing data without customising the underlying applications.

For a comprehensive description of the service along with its features, benefits and pricing, visit the Digital Marketplace.

Reducing Operating Costs in Shared Services using Cognitive Technology

Seminar by Simon Robinson, Managing Director at ERPaaS

This seminar explored robotic and cognitive intelligence, the relationship with back-office shared services and digital self-service. It also shared the case study of a FTSE 100 with 22,000 users live on our Intelligent Procurement and Intelligent HR services, who have taken 20% off their operating costs.

For more information about this seminar visit our Events page.

Go Digital and Save £Millions

Seminar by Simon Robinson, Managing Director at ERPaaS

What does going digital actually mean? Can I really reduce the cost of my public service by millions of pounds? Our seminar answered both of these questions, providing actual evidence and guidance on how to get started.

For more information, and to watch a recording of this seminar, visit our Events page.

Empower Your Staff or Close Down Services

Workshop by Simon Robinson, Managing Director at ERPaaS

During 2016, Simon Robinson — ERPaaS's MD and Founder — delivered the workshop 'Empower Your Staff or Close Down Services' at a number of events, highlighting the ways in which cloud technology is changing the software landscape and affecting the types of choices that organisations now have to make.

For more information about this workshop, visit our Events page.

Unscheduled Absence, Employee Motivation, and Organisational Efficiency

The benefits of the ERPaaS Intelligent HR Platform

Unscheduled employee absence is one of the biggest issues faced by organisations today, and has a direct impact on your organisation’s financial performance and employee motivation levels.

Automate your absence and attendance policies with the ERPaaS Intelligent HR Platform, a self-service application that enables employees to report time off from any device, anywhere, at any time. The application ensures consistent, non-discriminatory compliance across all areas of the workforce, reducing absence in weeks and significantly increasing morale.

User Friendly. Agile. Secure.

About ERPaaS

As the creators of Business Systems Personalisation, ERPaaS enables your employees to focus on the things that matter by automating the knowledge of your people and delivering it in a new breed of business application that we call ‘Intelligent Services’.

Our ready-built SaaS Personalisation Platform delivers Intelligent Services to users by linking transaction processing systems to business policies in the areas of Human Resources, Payroll Services, Procurement Services and Financial Reporting. The Platform enables business operations to be agile and cost effective by delivering existing policies via self-service apps, thereby reducing costs, improving accuracy and enhancing employee morale.