Procurement Services

Clarify your procurement process and ensure the buying channel is easy to access for all staff with our Intelligent Procurement service.

Intelligent Procurement

Your company spends billions on procuring goods and services with no single way of buying. This leads to maverick buying and no bulk purchasing benefits. The buying channel is not currently easy to access by staff in the field, and staff are all asking similar questions about the procurement process, putting strain on other areas of the business.

The end users are provided with a simple-to-use screen that displays a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs). The answers to each question can:

  • Provide a link to a more detailed document or guide.
  • Launch an application e.g., iSupplier, iProcurement (in the case of Oracle E-Business suite), together with explanatory information.
  • Display help text to explain what needs to be done.
  • Query and display details from the application e.g. requisition status, approval status of purchase order (PO) & approval hierarchy. This allows a user to enter a requisition or PO number directly and see the above information without logging into the main ERP system.
  • Update details e.g., if someone leaves the company, enable ownership change for some or all of that person's outstanding requisitions.
  • Create a service request (or email to procurement team) to re-send a PO.

Intelligent Procurement ensures that staff procure the correct goods and services through the correct channels using the correct budgets. This functionality can be provided in a mobile format that simplifies the experience of procuring goods and services, improves the speed of execution and removes opportunities for error.