Payroll Services

Intelligent Self-Service Payroll frees up your staff by giving them the tools to submit expenses, timesheets and holiday requests in minutes, anytime, anywhere.

Self-Service Payroll

Your payroll department receives many change requests based on amendments to personal subscriptions or benefits. Standard HR system functionality may exist for the employee to apply for both earnings and deductions through Employee Self Service — such examples might be for a loan, car parking, pension scheme options or to subscribe to the Sports and Social Club. There is no way to validate these requests prior to being submitted to the payroll team and too much of their time is spent dealing with irrelevant inquiries.

Provide a self-service form that enables staff to make changes to their benefits, validating whether they qualify up-front. For example, staff may not qualify for a season ticket loan unless they work in a specific location or have passed their probation period.

Updates to payroll can be triggered without intervention from the supervisor, HR or payroll professional in the knowledge that the transaction is valid.