Absence Management

Unscheduled employee absence is one of the biggest issues faced by organisations today, and has a direct impact on your organisation’s financial performance and employee motivation levels.

So, why is it so difficult to manage? Today’s frontline managers are often the people that need to deal with absence, but they face an up-hill struggle to manage competing demands, a complex process and a sensitive subject.

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The Problem

The stand-alone systems used by many organisations today face significant limitations and often fail to deliver on the key aspects of managing absence.


There is often no means of linking the organisation’s Absence and Attendance policies to the information systems that record absence, which results in high levels of non-compliance.

No Support for Employees

Systems don’t provide tools for managers and the Human Resources team to support employees during and after their absence period.

Fragmented Information and Processes

Absence information and processes are often fragmented and supported in multiple computer applications, which means human intervention and management is required throughout the entire absence and attendance process.

Complex Return-To-Work Management

The return-to-work process can be complex, involving professionals inside and outside of an organisation. Managing return to work can be complex and costly.

A Proactive, Intelligent Approach

The ERPaaS Intelligent HR Platform, brings together your existing back office applications, HR policies and best practices with a cognitive decision-making engine to support managers, employees and HR.

  • With an intuitive self-service interface, absence can be managed in a compliant way, reducing costs and improving employee morale.
  • Employees can report time off from any device, anywhere, at any time.
  • Managers are guided through the maze of decisions and steps required to effectively manage absence. From logging absences, to dealing with employees, to managing the return to work.
  • HR can audit and analyse every step of the process, ensuring continuous learning and improvement.

Use our calculator to find out what a mere 0.1% reduction in absence would mean to you.

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Use our calculator to find out what a mere 0.1% reduction in absence would mean to you.

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