Governance, Risk & Compliance

Manage your organisation's data using Intelligent GRC, removing the need for a full suite of GRC software.

Intelligent GRC

Buying the full GRC suite is expensive, complex and can take a long time to implement.

Intelligent GRC provides a front end to activities that require additional complex validations that are not part of the standard product. These include:

  • Access Control
  • Configuration Control
  • Transactions Control
  • Preventative Control


  • Proactively ensure compliance, thereby reducing the effort required for compliance audit.
  • Get new starters provisioned quickly - manage assignment of roles and responsibilities according to company policy by enabling supervisors to select only those that are appropriate for direct reports.
  • Remove lengthy manual comparison of configurations between environments.
  • Eliminate user ‘work-arounds’ to company policies by applying simple to implement logic that targets potentially inappropriate activities.
  • Automate repetitive activities that could result in user error.