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We are ERPaaS

As creators of Business Systems Personalisation, we enable your workforce to focus on higher-value deliverables while our platform delivers ‘Intelligent Services’ to employees by linking transaction processing systems to your business policies.

User-Friendly. Agile. Secure.

About ERPaaS

Introducing Business Systems Personalisation

ERPaaS invented Business Systems Personalisation. Our software platform delivers ‘Intelligent Services’ to users by linking transaction processing systems to business policies in the areas of Human Resources, Payroll Services, Procurement Services and Financial Reporting.

Our software enables business operations to be agile and cost effective by delivering existing policies via self-service apps, thereby reducing costs, improving accuracy and enhancing employee morale.

The ERPaaS Personalisation Platform enables you to deliver business functionality that otherwise can’t be delivered without customising your existing platform, using work arounds or off-system processes, or creating custom PaaS applications.

Why ERPaaS

ERPaaS is the only company which implements your business policies via an automated front-end, on any device, anytime, anywhere. Delivered on a Cloud platform with secure access to your existing data on any HR, Payroll or Financial system, our Personalisation Platform enables your business to achieve significant cost savings whilst improving employee morale.

Rapid deployment

Deployment takes weeks, not months, and swift implementation results in a minimal impact on your business and rapid ROI

Policy compliance

Ensures that transactions comply with your company policies and local variations

Fewer errors

Transactions are validated up front, ensuring that errors are caught before they can cause problems

No extra charges

Free from consultancy fees and lengthy change requests so you always know what you pay for

How We Help

Putting Intelligence Into Your Business Process

The ERPaaS Personalisation Platform delivers ‘Intelligent Services’ to users by linking transaction processing systems to business policies wherever they are required in your business. ERPaaS delivers an intelligent capability that simplifies transactions and increases productivity by making the transaction more efficient, and the user more informed.


Hosted on Amazon Web Services platform with no data held at rest


Use on desktop, laptop or mobile devices anytime and anywhere

No customisations

Replace unwieldy customisations with rules written in your local language

User-targeted forms

Rationalise multiple entry forms into one that is specific to the user

Problem specific

Point solutions — rather than entire applications — designed to solve specific problems

Linked to ERP

Links to existing ERP system and maintains the single source of truth

Use Cases


Make HR truly self-service, enabling your staff to get the information they need, when they need it.

Once they log onto the ERPaaS Intelligent HR Platform, all interactions are tailored, and queries are answered in minutes.


With ERPaaS’ self-service application, free up your Payroll staff and give your organisation the tools to submit expenses, timesheets and holiday requests in minutes, anytime, anywhere.


Organisations spend millions on procuring goods and services with no single purchasing process. This leads to maverick buying and no bulk purchasing benefits.

With ERPaaS’ self-service application, we deliver a clear process and ensure the buying channel is easy to access for all staff.

Safety, Health &

Make time-consuming and unclear SHE incident reporting a thing of the past with ERPaaS' self-service SHE application.

Enable your employees to immediately notify your organisation of incidents and provide photographic evidence from any location and any device within minutes, keeping their work environment safe more easily and efficiently than ever before.

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